New Salinas School named after bandito Tiburcio Vasquez

Discussion in 'In The News' started by Smokestack, Jan 2, 2013.

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    To sum up the article, one man's gang banger is another man's Robin Hood. I wonder why they didn't name the school after the late principal if they wanted to honor a local Latino.
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    Ya think? :wtf Who else lost out on this great honor, Richard Ramirez??

    btw, had dinner at Phil's Fish Market in ML last night, that places is awesome!
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    How is this any different then naming a school after a confederate solider?

    Personally I don't give a damn what they name the school as long as the education is good.
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    Better enjoy it while it lasts. The Packard Foundation wants Phil's GONE, so they don't have to walk as far form their parking lot to reach the MBARI buildings. Pathetic move on Phil Digirolamo who's an Moss Landing Icon. I used to work for Phil as a teen on the dock's driving a forklift unloading/packing fish.

    As for the schools in Salinas, they like the town are going down the toilet in slow painful way.

    Tiburcio Vásquez was born in Monterey, California on April 10, 1835 [1] to Jose Hermenegildo Vásquez and Maria Guadalupe Cantua. His great-grandfather came to California with the De Anza Expedition of 1776. Vásquez was slightly built, about 5 feet 7 inches in height. His family sent him to school, and he was fluent in both English and Spanish.

    In 1852, Vásquez fell under the influence of Anastacio Garcia, one of California's most dangerous bandits.[2] In 1854, Vásquez was present at the slaying of Monterey Constable William Hardmount in a fight with Anastacio Garcia at a fandango. Vásquez denied any involvement, but fearing arrest, he became an outlaw. Vásquez would later claim his crimes were the result of discrimination by the norteamericanos and insist that he was a defender of Mexican-American rights.[3] Vasquez and Garcia then played leading roles in Monterey County's murderous Roach-Belcher feud, which reached its end when Garcia was lynched in the Monterey jail in 1857.[4]

    By 1856, he was actively rustling horses. A sheriff's posse caught up with him near Newhall, and he spent the next five years behind bars in San Quentin prison. There he helped organize, and participated in, four bloody prison breaks which left twenty convicts dead.[5] After his release, Vásquez made attempts to be law abiding, but eventually returned to crime. He committed numerous burglaries, cattle thefts, and highway robberies in Sonoma County in 1866. He was captured after a store burglary in Petaluma and sent to prison again for three years.[6]

    Latino Hero, right.
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    The Good Side of Salinas

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    East Salinas has been called Felony Flats and not Alisal for decades. The name fits like a glove.
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    Hahahahaha ! Role model killers. Excellent.
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    Next name off the list of laten heros will be Juan Corona High School.
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    Actually Felon Flats is the Acosta Plaza housing sub division. Named by local law enforcement back in the 1980's and it stuck. Alisal at one time was a city by itself, it was incorporated into Salinas in the 1960's Alisal is the South Eastern side of Salinas and is predominantly poor and largely Hispanic with a few hold out Non Hispanic business owners attempting to stay alive out there. For example,

    As far as this school is concerned,... Geesh the guy probably is a folk hero and probably has as much right to be honored as other nefarious individuals that's namesakes are scrawled on other public properties.
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    All right, who was Tommy exactly what did he do?
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    Salinas once had the baddest Friday night cruz'n going On in three counties. American Graphity with hot rods, girls, street racing and drinking. Stuff was off the hook cruz'n the beach before heading over to salinas for a night of fun.

    About 78/79' the Cruz got gangstrred up by a bunch of low riders pimping white wall 520's tires carring stolen tractor batteries and hydraulics. Guns and drugs followed and LE shut it down. I spent a lot of my youth in salinas and more Friday nights then I can count.
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    thank goodness I live on the northside!...the good side :bounce

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