Newbie Dirt Day - Riders Sign up Thread

Discussion in 'Dirt Riders' started by Marles, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Marles

    Marles Well-Known Member

    Well it's that time of year again, time to resurrect Newbie Dirt Day!

    Newbie Dirt Day is an opportunity to get new dirt riders together for a day of fun, learning and a chance to meet other people to ride with.

    When: Saturday, March 22, 2014

    Where: Hollister Hills SVRA - Radio Ridge

    Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area
    7800 Cienega Road
    Hollister, CA 95023

    Sign up here if you would like to ride - you do not have to be a newbie to participate!
    ~~We will provide guides - But you will be responsible for your own safety~~

    The cutoff time for signing up is 12 noon on Sunday, March 16th

    Time: Sign in begins at 7:30 AM

    :bounceFrom 8:30 - 9:30 Two time National Champion Brian Garrahans school, Garrahan Offroad Training will be hosting a riding demo/clinic to help Newbie Riders get started. It will be held at the MSF training site behind the Ranger offices. Check out his GOT website at

    We will have a riders meeting at 9:45
    Groups will start heading out at ~10 AM

    After the return of all groups, there will be a BBQ/Potluck and a raffle with prizes. Meaty items can be dropped off with us, and we will BBQ them up for the Potluck.

    Everyone is welcome, please make sure you are on our list to participate in the ride and raffle, and don't forget to sign in!
    Please bring your bike, appropriate riding gear and make sure you have enough gas for the day as there is none available at the park.
    There is no fee to ride, but there will be an entrance fee of $5 for the park. Camping is available for $10 if you would like to arrive Friday.
    We are going to keep it simple and set up tables for a potluck, so please bring a dish to share :bounce
    Please check back occasionally for updates.

    I'll be starting a separate volunteer thread so those of you who have already replied, please post up over there so I can organize everyone!

    If you want to ride, please reply to this post.

    Everything will be organized within this thread

    Sponsors for this event include the following local businesses. Please be sure to stop in when you get a chance and thank them!





    1. nomorered/Jim - sweep
    2. Wally - lead/Sweep
    3. resinlips/Mike
    4. AirRsq/Marc
    5. Curt/Curt
    6. KTM55/Chris
    7. R1Rated/Brian
    8. Ehsan/Ehsan - lead
    9. RobertHaas/Robert - lead
    10. xAFMRacer/Saul
    11. Oceansides/Kyle
    12. JulieB/Julie
    13. GSmi
    14. alexattrackside/Alex


    1. Logan
    3. m0t0-ryder/John

    1. JusRidin/Cindy
    2. aciurczak/
    3. Yvonne/Yvonne
    4. SPreston/Sarah
    5. Jim (Marci)
    6. Brian (Marci)
    7. Stick/Jon
    8. brwnidgrl68/Tracy
    9. Cathyd/Cathy
    10. KTMJack/Jack
    11. Cykoklr/Ramon
    12. Emilio (Ramon)
    13. Gaby (Ramon)
    14. ToniToni/Toni
    15. Dave (ToniToni)
    16. Tristan (9/ToniToni)
    17. Danielle (11/ToniToni)
    18. Joe (Anel)
    19. cstrasia/Christie
    20. jmil/Jeremy
    21. Butch/Butch
    22. CycleNomad/Andrew
    23. rubio0911/Alex
    24. Blue03si/Joshua
    25. ZagiFlyer/Scott
    26. Gilbert/Gilbert
    27. Woods/Ken
    28. mbalmer/Heather
    29. MotoCulture/Todd
    30. Pelon/Adam
    31. +1/Robin
    32. Gordo/Kenny
    33. Ian (w/Heather)
    34. Kaitlin (Saul)
    35. Rick (nomorerd)
    36. ScottT/Scott

    Potluck Dishes
    1. nomorerd/Jim - Chili
    2. cathyd/Cathy - Bacon Mac'n'Cheese and Brownies
    3. Jack/Jack - Coffee and Donuts
    4. Stick/Jon - Pasta Salad
    5. ToniToni/Toni - Hot Dogs, Buns, Ketchup, Mustard
    6. Yvonne/Yvonne - Chili, eggs and tortillas
    7. Anel/Anel - Bottled water, sodas
    8. Tinman/Brian - meaty items
    9. CycleNomad/Andrew - Double batch of Cornbread
    10. Blue03si/Joshua - Chips
    11. ZagiFlyer/Scott - Brownies and Cookies (if they make it)
    12. Gilbert/Gilbert - Meaty items
    13. Woods/Ken - Side dish
    14. Marles/Logan - Hamburgers, buns, lettuce, pickles salt/pepper + Pasta Salad
    15. mbalmer/Heather - side dish

    Volunteer helpers
    1. Val/Val - signups
    2. cathyd/Cathy - raffle
    3. Boo/Ann - raffle
    4. Jack/Jack
    5. Tinman/Brian (BBQ master)
    6. Marci/Marci - Flyers/sign ins - The Keays family is donating a raffle gift!! :bounce
    7. Amadeus/Josh
    8. JusRidin/Cindy
    9. Rich/Ian (Heather) - roving mechanics
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  2. Andy

    Andy Wheelie for Safety

    Los Altos, CA
    Thank you for creating these flyers, Marci.

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  3. RobertHaas

    RobertHaas If you broke it, I didn't build it.

    I will be available to tow a group.
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  4. Marci

    Marci Sily Boys, Gixxers Are For Girls!

    Campbell, CA
    Marles...Jim isn't a newbie but will be riding. Brian is a newbie but still on his training wheels so I am not sure if we will have them off by March 22nd. Do we sign the kids up on this thread?
  5. Marles

    Marles Well-Known Member

    Yes, all riders will sign up on this thread. Would you like me to put him in?
  6. JusRidin

    JusRidin Registered User

    San Jose
    Marles, Jack and i can help out where ever you need to include taking a group our on blue/green trails
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  7. nomorerd

    nomorerd Having Fun

    Mountain View
    Chris can sweep, if you have enough he can sweep with me :thumbup
    Side dish will be Chili big pot
  8. Stick

    Stick New Member

    Hey everyone, My name is Jon and I'm new to this forum and to dirt biking. I have been riding just a few months and so far have only been to Metcalf.

    Sign me up for the ride! I'll bring some food also.
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  9. brwnidgrl68

    brwnidgrl68 New Member

    I'm in! Let me know what info you need and I'll get it to you! Thank you!
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  10. Marles

    Marles Well-Known Member

    Hi Jon, welcome to SBR. This is a great way to meet other riders and be shown around Hollister Hills. Be sure to watch out for that Resinlips guy....and if he mentions anything about a Troll, run the other way! :runaway Let me know what you want to bring when you get a chance, and I'll put it down for the potluck. Thanks!

    Hi Tracy! Woohoo! This is going to be fun :bounce I don't need any other information from you, I've got you on the list!
  11. cathyd

    cathyd Dirty Girl

    KTMJack and KTMCathy will be riding and me will be a ruffly raffle queen with Annie :loland bringing food. Brownies for sure, prolly bacon mac n cheese :thumbup
    And dreaming about riding a 2014 magic button 200 pumpkin :bounce
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  12. Jack

    Jack We ride!

    San Jose
    I'll bring some coffee and doughnuts like usual.
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  13. brwnidgrl68

    brwnidgrl68 New Member

    Yay! Thank you!
  14. Stick

    Stick New Member

    I'll bring pasta salad.

    All this talk of trolls makes me curious! :crash
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  15. cykoklr

    cykoklr HEY Wait up

    Looks like the kids and myself are 99% in. We are all pretty new to dirt. The kids have a few days on dirt bikes but not in over a year.

    Cykoklr-Ramon Milano
    Emilio. 18
    Gaby. 17
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