Idria 12/23/07

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Trumper, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Trumper

    Trumper Eclectic Dilettante

    I didn't make it down to Pinoche Road and Idria I thought I'd boogie down to Hollister to meet Curt, Dave, Michael, and Susan for a jaunt out that way Sunday. Yeah, I didn't dilly-dally this time :laughing

    Stopped in at the Pinoche Inn on the way out. Christmas Kitty was pissed.... (prolly cause someone was gnawing on her ear...).

    Made the 55 miles out to Idria. Here's the gas station right downtown.

    And here's Ethyl.

    Dave and Susan wonder if they should "Keep the Fuck Out!" of that wonderful looking pile of tailings back there....

    The GS parked under a big tree full of Mistletoe and wanted a kiss when I got back...
  2. Trumper

    Trumper Eclectic Dilettante

    The Bus Stop in downtown Idria. Someone was kind enough to leave their crutch there...fortunately, no one needed it.

    One of the few old buildings that didn't have 15 Keep Out and No Trespassing and No Camping and No Nothing! signs all over it. I'll be moving in next week to save on rent, though the commute is gonna be brutal.

    What's the Zip Code for Idria?

    I think this is where Jimmy stays after he goes on a Irresponsibility Ride,,,

    The old Mine Processing Whatchamacallit Building was in deep shade, so this was the best I could do...yes, I ignored all the FYYFF signs and went in anyway to get this shot.... Love that staircase....

    That's all folks.

    Lingering question: Was this Idria or New Idria? If it's Idria, where's New Idria? If it's New Idria, where's Old Idria? :thinking
  3. mnb

    mnb Obliterates Stereotypes

    San Jose
    The sign at the start of the mining town says New Idria. Google Maps calls it Idria, but the road is named New Idria Rd. I'm going with the residents. I figger they know what to call their town.

    And Old Idria is just soooooo passé. New Idria is all the latest rage.
  4. justinandkarna

    justinandkarna PUBLIC Lands

    I think the first Idria is in Austria

    Great Pics!
  5. AndyH

    AndyH Δεν προσαρμοσμένο τίτλο χρήστη

    Los Altos
    Good stuff, Tom.
    My favorite of the bunch:
  6. Trumper

    Trumper Eclectic Dilettante

    Thanks Mang.

    Cienega is open again...and I gave you HH people a nice salute as we rode past....
  7. Ohjimmy

    Ohjimmy End of Day Over Santa Barbara

    Near the beach
    Good eye Tom. :rad

    A dog house :laughing yeah that where I'm usually found.:twofinger

    Wiki tells all about Idria.
  8. com3

    com3 can highside a scooter

    Elk Grove
    love the FYYFF shot! :rad
  9. Sivan

    Sivan Registered User

    San Francisco
    Thanks for the good laughs Tom
  10. BigOrangeGuy

    BigOrangeGuy Registered User

    I knew it as New Idria in the 60’s and it was on the maps of that time as New Idria. Maybe there is a new New Idria now.:idunno
    The place seems to be deserted now but there was a scary bunch living there last year, though they always waved. In O5 and 06 when I went through I could count on being surrounded and chased by a pack of mangee dogs. What fun.:lol
  11. beezerjoe

    beezerjoe Low Budget bass player

    It's actually in Spain.:thumbup
  12. TheEarPlugGuy

    TheEarPlugGuy Active Member

    El Dorado Hills
    And it's a major mercury mining area.

    Which is why New Idria , a mercury mining area, was named that!:thumbup
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