KTM 300 EXC how is the power delivery at places like Clear Creek

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    This forum needs something on a lighter note, so here is one of my latest quandaries…

    My question is strait forward but if you want more background on why im asking read the second paragraph. For those of you that have owned or ridden a KTM 300 exc or mxc at CC, I am wondering how the top end power feels on the long, soft loamy climbs at clear creek. You know those ones when you find yourself at the bottom of an area that looks like the Moon and its steep in all directions, and you have very little runway? Yup just center your weight bend your knees, pin it and look up up up. It is one of the few places I have had my crf450r on the stops for more than a second, so im wondering how the 300 pinger will compare?

    More than needed background: The only bike I owned for a long time was my crf450r and I used it for everything mx and woods. I recently picked up a crf250r for mx because im a beginner mx’er and didn’t need the motor. This allowed me to start doing what I really wanted to the 450, big tank, bark busters, cam swap, softer suspension. But it is time for it to go. Im tired of the overheating if you don’t make a climb on the first attempt, or when I get held up in some rocks, and list goes on. It’s a great bike, but its time for something different. I learned how to ride on a 2 stroke and have always wanted to get another one because they have character, so im pretty set on the 300. I have heard nothing but good things about them, and im not looking at getting a new one, something like an 04.

    Thanks for the advice
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