How many years till out of DMV system

Discussion in 'General' started by dabinche, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. dabinche

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    San Jose
    I just got a bike that has an expired registration 6/06. So is it 5 or 7 years that it clears out of the system? and I don't have to pay any penalty fees?
  2. sliverstorm

    sliverstorm Well-Known Member

    In my understanding, 7. Pretty typical government number- statute of limitations, DMV records, stuff drops off driving record, etc.

    Also I have learned just because the tags say '06 doesn't mean it was never renewed. You'd have to actually check w/ the DMV for that.

    If you re-register a bike w/ removed registration, you have to pay a few fees and get your bike inspected.
  3. 3stripes

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    I heard 7 as well but I would double check with DMV. I remember running into a similar situation and still had to pay back registration...though , luckily for myself. I did not have to pay the full back registration if memory serves me correctly.
  4. EastBayRider

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    If you visit the CA DMV site you can punch in the vin and license plate # and they will show you exactly the fee's OWED... if its a few years out you can count on any where from $600 on up.

    You should ALWAYS ask for the VIN # before going to see the bike and run the numbers....
  5. knobbylips

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    it was 7 years some time back, but be careful what you do @ dmv. i think it was 7 years without any activity.
  6. Motech

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    If you are an AAA member, be sure and use their DMV services. They are much nicer about dropping fees and penalties.

    So what kind of bike you get? :bounce
  7. valvesr4wimps

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    AAA is fantastic compared to DMV when you can use them. Unfortunately, the do not deal with off road bikes (or at least thats the story I was told when I tried).

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