Adolf Weil dies at 72

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    RIP Adolf Weil

    I watched this guy race when I was a little kid. :clapping

    The "Iron Man of Motocross" Adolf Weil recently died in his hometown of Solingen, Germany, at the age of 72.

    During the 1960s and 1970s, Weil competed in the FIM 250 and 500cc Motocross Grand Prix World Championships while riding for the Maico factory motocross team. His name became so synonymous with the brand that the Maico AW model was named after him. Weil never won a World title, but he did finish second to Hakan Andersson in the 1973 250cc Championships and finished third in the 500cc Championships three times. He did win the German MX National Championships 14 times and the Trans-AMA Championship in 1973. He accomplished that feat at the age of 34 while competing against riders much younger than himself. Racing well into his 30s, Weil retired from competition in 1976 and ran a motorcycle business in Solingen with his two sons Frank and Jurgen.

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    Thanks Andy. I never start threads in the right forum. :thumbup
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    Damn I feel old..... guess 'cuz i am....... :smilewink

    RIP :angel
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    Having read about legendary riders like Adolf Weil, Decoster,Karsmakers, Desoto, and so many GREAT others, I am truly "blessed" to have dreamed of riding like them, and "day-dreamed" while riding a 1977 AW450. Oh yeah I "dreamed" I was riding with the PIONEERS of the sport!
    Joel Robeers, WATCH OUT!!!
    If you have never riden a MAICO, Never, just Never, pass up the chance to ride one.
    They start on the left side, but start very well, they take off with authority and come on the "pipe" HARD! And they handle like a samurai sword.
    Don't believe the old saying--Maico-breako--, with good maintainance, they were great bikes
    I miss Maicos and will miss Adolf Weil as well.
    Ride each time like you're riding with the "greats", your riding buddies ARE "the greats"
    Ron D.
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