Take this job and shove it

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  1. RobertHaas

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    As an employer, I won't even consider hiring a hot head that would cuss out his boss and quit without as much as a request for an interview to work out his differences.

    As far as all the folks that are making claims their supervisors are only above them "because they kiss ass", well that attitude is probably why you have a supervisor and ain't one yourself. Petty jealousy is all I hear. I worked for 25 years before I became an owner. I never had to kiss ass to get a promotion. I got my promotions rapidly because I was the best employee at every level I ever worked at. I came in early, stayed late, worked on weekends and always made the companies needs outweigh my own. For that, I was promoted faster and earned more money then people that had been in my trade 20 years longer then me. (They are the same ones that claim I kissed ass, because to them anyone that pushed as hard as I did was doing it to suck up to the boss)

    This entitled mentality makes me sick. Every person that goes to work and thinks the company owes them something are flat out terrible employees, and since that is about 60% of the people out there, yep there are a hell of a lot more bad employees then bad supervisors.

    You know so much, you feel taken advantage of? Fine,... quit your job, start your own company and show everyone how you know better and put your former oppressor out of business. Good luck.
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  2. ramblurrr

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    It's hard to work and do a good job for a boss that treats employees with disrespect. You were probably correct in telling them to shove it walk out. Hopefully he will probably reflect on his management style and treat the remaining employees with more respect or risk losing them as well.If you are indeed a good worker you will have no problem finding suitable employment. Good luck!
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  3. brokenglass

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    I was told by another body shop Manager that use to work with my last boss . He said he would love to punch him out :bash So it's a known problem .
  4. ChuckFinley

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    I find it more vindictive to leave after already lining up the next gig. Otherwise the boss/company has the last laugh since you're out thousands of dollars while job hunting. Plus it's a heck of a lot easier to find a job if you're currently employed. For the love of God, don't bad mouth your former employer in a job interview.
  5. Gordo

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    You don't have to put that on a resume.
  6. Rex

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    This ^

    Same advice I got from both my parents starting when I was a kid. They did it in high tech, were very successful as individual contributors, managers, and then executives, and had dozens upon dozens of employees want to work for them on their projects as they received greater responsibilities.

    AKA - Lead By Example

  7. TedBell

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    cancel collecting unemployment day...
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  8. GSmi

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  9. Tim

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    Where's the fun in that. **** that and **** ******* bosses/owners too :2cents
    Being a diplomat gets you nowhere except the poor house :twofinger Nobody
    wants to be a door mat. If you do, have fun! :crazy
  10. Tim

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    **** always manages to float to the top somehow:idunno
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  11. ChuckFinley

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    Except you'd be more of a door mat if you quit and can't find a job due to lousy references at your last employer. I guess it depends if you'd rather fuxk yourself over or be a door mat. :smilewink
  12. Tim

    Tim 2016 BMW S1000RR 2013 BMW R1200GSA

    LOL! Well, I've never had that problem because I'm not a ****pile
    employee. Haas has an axe to grind because he can't find anyone
    worth a **** to hire. I guess he's bias :devil Dan worked for a year
    for this cheap ass tyrant only to be told he's not worth a raise.
    He should have kicked that turd in the balls before leaving :2cents

    Some owners are blind to the people they employ. Everyone
    needs to make a LIVING.

    Bad references from ****head employers means nothing. In today's
    world, employers aren't allowed to give derogatory references :twofinger
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  13. ChuckFinley

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    True, but a lack of a good reference from a past employer usually implies it's a bad reference.
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  14. plantguy

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    Los Gatos
    I thought I seeing this thread out of context. but then that's me. I was thinking the same ^^^^ but I was just gona sit back and watch. DT
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  15. never2old

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    Well Dan just think now you have more time to ride :ride
  16. Andrew

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    Why the big explosion of drama?

    Why not just quit without all the emotion and name calling?
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  17. Logan

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    I got to ask,
    Who are you pissed at? Seems like you jus got something off your chest.
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  18. flashywings

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    Sorry you were working for an *******. Been there, done that. My last boss singled me out on an all hands conference call after berating all of us for our inefficiency. These were people who regularly worked 60 to 80 hours a week in consulting. One of my colleagues called her boss immediately after the call and quit, saying she didn't want to work for an organization that treated people so poorly. She was madder than I was about it. Her boss called the jerk and demanded he apologize to me. He sent me an email asking if I thought he should apologize; I told him to do what he wanted and left it at that.

    It was the straw that broke the camel's back but I decided to leave on my terms and immediately began looking for another job. It took a couple of months but knowing I would be out of there soon made things easier. I left without telling him what a jerk he was. The funniest part is that he sent me a congratulatory LinkedIn message after I got a promotion at my new job after six months.

    Someone wise that I respected told me a long time ago that it was never worth it to hand over your power and control to anyone by burning bridges. As tempted as I've been, I've remembered those words. As I get older and longer in my career, I don't let crap bother me as much. Just move on with grace and save the outburst for when you get home or can work it out at the gym.

    Hope you find something better. That's always been pretty much how it's been for me.
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  19. momagna

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    Maybe you have worked for smaller businesses only and with great bosses who are working side by side with you. Lucky you.

    But in my line of work where women did not fit in much at all and over 1,800 people would agree with me and have done so. Many times it hits the newspapers, radio and TV stations.

    It sure is not because I am jealous (several promoted for sleeping around with the married bosses), others because they offered to sue because they were/are in a special classification of employees (sexual preference/nationality/race or nepotism). Some promoted even though they had to have me check the spelling on their reports, late every day of their career and threw a handset radio against the wall breaking it (Cost $1,200.00) because he did not like his work assignment that day (no write-up for this incident nor being late one of many) I saw him arrive early with one minute to spare seven times in his entire time I worked with him (25 years) but his dad was an upper level manager and he used that to get a promotion and protection ("I/m calling and telling my dad you were mean to me sure enough he called his dad!), the gay alcoholic guy with several DUI's but they needed to fill the quotas and he too made it as a supervisor.

    Funny, one (before promotion)was in a fight, beat up by her immediate boss and lovers DAUGHTERS! He was married when HIS daughters met her in the parking lot and beat her up for screwing their dad and screwing up their parents marriage. Yet she was promoted and bragged to us all about her sexual conduct with our (same) boss after each weekend she spent with him or in his office during work. I would watch her cry and throw tantrums where she threw things on the floor/punched walls/threw anything around the area that was not tacked down she threatened to beat us up if we told our boss she was acting out. The three bosses brought into an office and gave her tissues and a bucket of ice for her arm to rest in after breaking a few pieces of equipment. So what do you do about that? Even when she should have never been hired she was promoted and cried and threw tantrums at work almost daily.

    I am not late (Well, I was late once in 28 (exactly 23 years in) years by 18 minutes) called in sick a total of 8 days in 28 years, came early 15 minutes and left on time or after check out time.

    I was told I was not the right color and was not gay so I would not be promoted Except for this a much higher supervisor more than once "If you **** me you would go places and be promoted here". Was called a "Fat Pregnant Bitch" by a supervisor and the EEOC refused to take action on him and the paperwork was "lost" mind you he was overweight by at least 100 pounds as required for the job specifications at that time I was not ever fat. Good ole boy system.

    We had two bosses promoted because of their nationality only who when the **** hit the fan were incapable of speaking English and reverted to a native tongue. Yet English is a must required spoken language especially in emergencies the bosses were promoted because they could not do the job and this moved them to a safe space where they could do less harm.

    You can ask almost any employee there they too would say the same exact thing about promotions of incompetent leaders....

    I know because I worked there for 28 years in disbelief of how nepotism/race/sexual favors/sexual preferences (bringing in cakes/sweets/treats/cooking meals/washing and waxing the bosses car/mowing his lawn at home ALL worked against/or for people depending on if you fit the correct promotable code.

    It is still like this today and even worse then previously was so not everyone is promoted because of how they do a job but who they kiss ass or blow job that truly is a fact. No need or worry for anyone to believe or deny it as I lived it.

    When I see a coworker they explain it this way "You know it has not gotten better it has gotten WORSE!"
  20. bmwbob51

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    I had a boss dump on me once an instead of reacting, I bit my tongue and later he came back and apologized explaining he'd had some personal issues at home and vented on me. Maybe the exception, but burning bridges, no matter how good it feels, is not a good idea! I've gotten many jobs from referrals thanks to friends and former bosses!
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