Jimmy's Spring Fling April 21-23, 2017

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    Ohjimmy End of Day Over Santa Barbara

    Near the beach
    Yes, it's that time again. The wet weather of Winter is going to mean great riding in Spring which is right around the corner.

    The winter storms have wreaked havoc upon the roads of California. It’s my hope that we will not be inconvenienced by any road closures, however, there are some on the route that are currently closed but I expect them to be open come ride time.

    Day One: Friday, April 21th
    Time: 9:30 AM, Kickstands up: 10:02 AM. Come with full tanks and empty bladders.
    Place: Golden Gate Bridge North Vista Parking

    Meeting at the north side vista parking lot of the great Golden Gate will give us the opportunity to gaze upon and take in the beauty the City’s skyline. This will be one of many wonderful sights we will see over the next three days.

    We’ll start our ride with a short bit of slab up the 101 to Hwy 1. Through the Tamalpais Valley we will go. A climb up the Shoreline Highway will allow us to drop back down as we flick and turn with a full view of the Pacific Ocean in front of us. The ocean will be with us for a while but don’t take your eye off the road as it will continue heave, swell and surge along the coast line.

    Once we pass through Stinson Beach a turn onto Fairfax Bolinas Rd. will take us through this 14 miles of turns and up and over into the funky town of Fairfax. Bikes with limited range (115 miles to planned fuel stop) will need to get a quick splash of fuel here.

    We’ll continue towards Nicasio Valley Rd to Point Reyes Petaluma Rd where we will make a lunch stop at the Marin French Cheese Company. Sandwiches and of course many different types of cheese are available. We can sit by the lake and enjoy the view and relax, reading ourselves for the next leg of our adventure.

    Marshall Petaluma Rd will take us back to coast where we will glide along the smooth tarmac to the town of Tomales. We’ll head towards Bodega Bay via Dillon Beach Rd and Hwy 1 and make a stop for fuel in Bodega Bay. TWill continue north on Hwy 1 where we will connect with Coleman Valley Rd. This open range road will bring us up close and sometimes a little too personal (watch for the poop) of the local cows. Broad vistas of meadows will turn into forested landscape and bring us to the bohemian town of Occidental. Small hidden back roads will take us to our scheduled fuel stop in Guerneville.

    We’ll make our way to and through the town of Cazadero. This will be the beginning of a loop that will return us back here after about 36 miles of fun. King Ridge starts off in wooded splendor and winds its way up into open rangeland. Our loop will continue on to Seaview Rd and Fort Ross Rd. Fort Ross is tight and curvy and will bring us back to Cazadero as promised.

    I’ll give you a little rest as we make our way back to Guerneville to find Sweetwater Springs Rd. Here is another hidden gem. It starts out by passing an abandoned mercury mine then the road twists and distorts its way up the hillside. 10 miles of single lane forested road will bring us to the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County. We’ll head north along this wine trail to our hotel for the night.

    Days total: 211 miles

    Super 8
    1147 South Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, CA 95425
    Phone: 707-894-9288

    Ask for Jimmy’s Spring Fling Group
    Double $134.94
    King $123.76

    Mary's Pizza Shack About a block away
    1143 South Cloverdale Boulevard
    Cloverdale, CA 95425

    Day Two: Saturday, April 22nd
    Kickstands up: 9:07am

    Today will be what many will consider a goaty ride. We will have some parts of our route that have been pretty beaten up by the winter storms, but not to worry, I’ll throw in some fast paced fun sections to calm your nerves.

    We’ll start the day on Geyser Rd. The road is aptly named due to the geothermal geysers that fuel the 22 plants in the area. Where there is this type of underground activity the ground can be in constant movement. This of course will have some effect on the roads in the area as we will find out. Ride carefully and be ready for some washouts, slip outs, and one lane sections.

    After rattling our fillings on Geysers Rd., we will be treated to some serious fun. Next up will be what the locals call the "Race Track", Skaggs Springs. 8 miles of twists and turns that flow up, around and down the contour on the hills. Be aware! The speed limit is a ridiculous 35 mph and maybe patrolled. We’ll take a break at the bridge and pose for a group picture. We’ll mount our bikes and continue of down the road. You will quickly notice how this road has changed from super smooth and ultra-fast to narrow and tight. Keep to the right as there are locals that use this road daily and move along at a good clip.

    We’ll turn north onto Annapolis crossing over a Parker Through truss bridge built in 1920. This 14 miles of fun will take us up to the small town of Annapolis then down to Hwy 1 where we will continue north to our lunch stop and fuel.

    After we have filled our tanks and bellies we will go inland on Old Stage Rd./InversenRd./10 Mile Rd. (I’m doing my best to avoid slab) into the Town of Point Arena. As we ride through town be on the lookout for The Zen House. This is a neat place for fuel, food, and bike repair. They do beautiful restorations and usually have some vintage bikes on display.

    Another short jaunt up Hwy 1 will bring us to Mountain View Rd.. The next 25 miles will be an exercise of left and right turns, mostly tight. Keep an eye out for the red lava gravel the road department uses for traction when is snows. The road ends in Boonville were we will make a slow ride through the town (wine and beer trail around here) and turn north on Hwy 253. The road heads eastward through a forested and mountainous area for approximately fifteen miles before entering the Russian River Basin and ending in Ukiah. We will have a fuel stop here and a short rest before we move on.

    Next Up is Orr Springs Rd. This road has suffered a good deal from the storms of winter. There will be a small portion of dirt, a bit of one lane controlled traffic and a temporary steel deck bridge. Be warned and control your throttle hand. Once cleared of this area the road will open up to a good many miles of smiles (about 48 miles total). The road will end once again on Hwy1 where we will head north to our hotel in Fort Bragg. There will be a well deserved hot tub and something to quench our thirst.

    I have reservation for dinner at a restaurant within walking distant of the hotel. Dinner will be at 7:00pm.

    Super 8 Fort Bragg
    888 S Main St.
    Fort Bragg, CA
    Phone: 707-964-4003 Please note: Rooms are not able to be canceled after 30 days.

    Double Room: $89.10
    Single Queen: $89.10
    Single King: $89.10
    Once again call the hotel and ask for Jimmy's Spring Fling

    Dinner: 7:00pm
    Angelina Grille
    400 South Main Street
    Fort Bragg, CA 95437

    Day Three:

    Sunday, April 23rd

    Time: 8:30 AM, Kickstands up: 8:32am

    Another early start will allow you get home in time to take a hot shower, enjoy your favorite beverage, sit back and think about all the fun you just had.

    I always say 3 days is never enough to do all the roads in the areas we ride. Time constraints, obligations at home and of course work (for some of us) keeps us from doing all the roads I wanted to do, but a 500 mile day would take a lot of the fun out of this ride.

    We will venture our way south to Hwy 128. This road starts with deep forested twisties then changes to open road with smooth curves. Before this road ends back in Cloverdale we’ll turn left onto Mountain House Rd. This is an often overlooked shortcut that will take us into Hopland and leave a smile on your face.

    We’ll find our way Hwy 175, better known as Hopland Grade towards Lakeport. This roads tight slow curves will scrub off the last of your chicken strips as well as scrape your pegs. Do keep an eye out for debris in the corners.

    Once we make it to Lakeport we will continue on 175 to Bottle Rock Rd., and then back onto 175 to Middletown for fuel and lunch.

    Next up will be Butts Canyon, Pope Valley and Berryessa Knoxville Rd. This will get us to Lake Berryessa home to the famous Glory Hole spillway.

    By now many will feel the pull to make a run to the barn and I can say we are getting to that place. 128 to 121, then Wooden Valley Rd. to Suisun Valley Rd. will lead us to a Starbuck at Cordelia Junction. This is off Hwy 80 and will mark the end of the ride. We will all scatter in different directions for our home and that warm shower.
  2. Ohjimmy

    Ohjimmy End of Day Over Santa Barbara

    Near the beach
    Riders list:

    In :ride

    Jimmy (Ohjimmy) *
    Laura (Laura) *
    Tim (Tim) *
    Steve (Motech) *
    Kazz (Kazz)
    John (Factortech) *
    Bob (BMWbob51) *
    Chris (Mellroc) *
    Alex (AFMoto) *
    Ron (CaptRon) *
    Gary (Exocet) *
    George (CamChain) + Debbie * *
    Heather (flashywings) *
    Yaron (Xler8) *
    David (Dooodon9) *
    Steve (Darth_Viffer) *
    Clark (MotoHam) *
    Sue (SuziGuzzi)
    Henry (Hookedon2wheels) *
    John (89fj) *
    Donnie (Donnie)
    Doug (Doug) *
    Sharan (Sharan) *
    Jim (Spartan) *
    Toni (ToniToni) *
    Geoff (Geoff) *
    Dorothy (Glassgirl) *
    Mehdi (Mehdi) *
    Raj (Raj) * *
    Dan (Brokenglass) *
    Terence (BadtzMaru) *
    Hungwei (HWY2LOW) *
    Steven (Suriya)
    Mark (Sour Tangie)
    Ich (Ich)
    Brian Clark
    Dan (drm502) * *

    * = Dinner Saturday Night

    Maybe :crazy
    Jim (JimJam)
    Chris (ktm55)
  3. Ohjimmy

    Ohjimmy End of Day Over Santa Barbara

    Near the beach
    This ride isn't about all of us riding nose to tail. Hell, I can't even keep up with half of the group.
    It's about all of us going in the same general direction on some of the greatest roads in California at our own speed.

    There will not be any organized groups; we are all heading in the same direction at our own pace.
    There will be a fast group. There will be a slow group. There will be a group that blazes their own path.
    There will be those that stop for pictures

    I just ask that you know the route (see below), let someone know if you peel off on your own and
    Ride Your Own Ride.

    If we can meet at the lunch stops and share a story at the end of the day then the ride will be a success. :thumbup

    Here are the routes for the ride.

    I want to thank Henry and Geoff for building them. :bow


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    Morgan Hill, CA
    Looking forward to the route selection, I know you'll have a good one.
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    In :)
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    Santa Cruz
    Dammit, I'm out. :shifty

    Ah fuggit, IN! :bounce
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    Factortech When do we leave?

    West San Jose
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    The Moon
    Lurking...very possible.
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    In! Is there a party bus this year :thinking
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    is ktm55 pole dancing ?
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    Been too long D, make it a definite!
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    Hello, everyone! It's about time to Fling once again! :ride
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    Ah man...

    A weekend before WARPED XIII which I'm payed up for.
    Don't think I can pull off back-to-back weekends.
    But would sure like to.
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    W. San Jose
    I'm a strong maybe as long as y'all don't give me too much grief about riding a Harley. :smilewink @Laura will dig the tunes on the new Street Glide! :rad
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    Out I will be going to Moto GP @ COTA
    Have fun!
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    That looks like a lot of fun too!
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    IN!!!!!! :ride:ride:ride
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