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    This one is really out there. :crazy


    Dashcam footage shows Berkeley County deputy James Vansant’s cruiser hitting a speeding suspect’s motorcycle twice, at speeds near 90 miles per hour. The suspect then crashed and died, a result of being in the wrong gear, the sheriff’s office claims.

    The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office posted a video to their YouTube page on Thursday, showing a Wednesday night police pursuit lasting at least five minutes in Summerville, South Carolina. The chase that reached speeds of at least 111 miles per hour (178km/h) ended in a fatal crash for the suspect, 30-year-old Robert Lee Clark, Jr. of Goose Creek.

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    Why was the pursuit started?

    That deputy may have to explain why he chose to ram that bike towards a innocent civilian's car.
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    In California they would have likely ended the pursuit right after he started going 80 MPH on city streets.

    I am trying to figure out the what the bike malfunction was. Was the clutch overheated? Got stuck between gears (false neutral)? Neutral? Shifter spline stripped? Shift shaft broken?

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    Extremely stupid suspect. If you're going to run, you need to be able to get away, and he was not nearly skilled enough to get away, in which case pull over before you kill someone else. May well be an accident though, I can't imagine a cop deliberately choosing that moment to cause the guy to crash into a parked car, when he had many earlier opportunities where the consequences would have been much less severe.
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    It's a POS Harley Davidson. An underpowered boat anchor.

    From the guys behavior on the video he had some kind of substance in his body. Looks like he was on a suicide mission that night.

    The Sheriff should have just let him go. The sad part is either way someone was going to die. Either the rider of the bike would have eventually crashed (if the Sheriff let him go) or hit an innocent bystander or pedestrian.
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    Whoa just whoa
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    I dunno, tough call. If you stop the pursuit, does the guy just keep going and wind up killing someone? If you do pursue, maybe the guy gives up after he realizes he's not going to get away (though obviously this guy didn't do that), or maybe he crashes in the process before he kills someone else (which did happen here, unfortunately killing the rider). Obvious best solution is, don't run in the first place, pull over and take the lumps you deserve, but once someone runs I'm not sure if there's a uniform best policy to follow.
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    Where was a second, (or third) Lawman vehicle in the area? A roadblock of some sort might have changed the outcome.
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    He could have easily killed someone before the pursuit started.

    My gut tells me this one should have been called off. It's a tough call either way. Justifying the ending of a dangerous pursuit is easy. It's a matter of the risk/intelligence ratio involved.

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