Importing a Motorcycle to California - 7500 mile rule

Discussion in 'Purchasing Information' started by SK3, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. SK3

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    A friend of mine has found a screaming deal on an f4i that he is interested in. The one catch: The bike has 2400 miles and is registered in Oregon. He's heard that in order to bring a bike into California from Oregon it has to have at least 7500 miles on the ODO. First, is this true, and do we get around it?

    I was thinking, get a speedo off another F4i for the day that you run to DMV? Connect the speedo cable to an electric drill for the weekend? Any better ideas? He says he'd like the ODO to be accurate after the registration which puts a kink in my electric drill plan and he downed my idea of letting me ride it for a few weeks......Oh well.
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    You are correct sir! I have assisted in many imports from outta state...many were a breeze...once in a while we ran into a snag...Some dmv's won't even look at the pink, they just proccess it, while others are pretty be safe you should borrow a clock off of another bike and register it that way...or say "not actual miles" but then that looks bad when it is time to resell.
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    This won't be especially helpful, but...

    I've read that the 7500 mile limit has something to do with the smog requirements, but motorcycles don't HAVE smog requirements and therefore the point is moot. It's a matter of finding the right CVC lines, showing that they are mutually exclusive, and getting the DMV person to agree with you. There was a thread about this on BARF a while back - I'm sure you can dig it up.

    See? I TOLD you it wouldn't be especially helpful...

    Good luck. You can always have the Oregonian leave the miles blank, ride the bike down on the Oregon registration, and register it at 7501 (whenever that may be). :smilewink
  4. SK3

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    San Francisco
    That would coincide nicely with my "let me have the bike for a few weeks" plan. :bounce

    Thanks for the info, I'll dig around on BARF.
  5. rags

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    Search on "out of state noid" - Noid posted a whole lot of stuff on BARF regarding this...

    also, see this
  6. Curt

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    Clay, this might give you more ideas. I think it's a stupid law because it should at least give the option to pay an extra fee. One thing to avoid is getting a bike flagged by the DMV as illicitly registered, then it's all but impossible to ever register or sell it in CA. It's troublesome to leave it registered in Oregon seeing how the police and fire trucks are all over you if you so much as drop a bike around here.

  7. vintagecycle

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    I am currently looking into this too. I have two old bikes (1975 & 1985), that I moved here with and do not want to get them "flagged". They each have less than 5k miles on them.
    I think the problem has to do with the knowledge of the DMV staff, since they are used to dealing with mostly cars. According to their own website, motorcycles are exempt from emmsions which would make them NOT subject to the 7500 miles rule. You have to educate the DMV clerk and bring documents to back it up. I am not looking forward to dealing with them.
    From their website:
    "Currently, smog inspections are required for all vehicles except diesel powered vehicles, electric, natural gas powered vehicles over 14,000 lbs, hybrids, motorcycles, trailers, or vehicles 1975 and older.
    NOTE: California law prohibits importing and/or registering a new vehicle (one with less than 7,500 miles at the time of purchase) unless it meets or is exempt from California emission standards. If you acquire a 49 state vehicle (vehicle manufactured for all states except California) from another state or country and do not qualify for one of the exemptions, you cannot register your vehicle and must immediately remove it from this state. You may purchase a One-Trip Permit to do so.
    Reference: Health & Safety Code Section 43151(A)
  8. NY-Vmax-Joe

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    I heard some bikes and cars pass 2008 emission standards and are ok to import to cali without the 7500 mile dumb restriction deal.

    Example: Honda st1300
  9. Roger

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    I moved my bike here from Oregon and tried to register it with DMV. They said No, So I just left the OR tag on it. Had cops behind me, follow me and pull me over. Never got a ticket for it, only got a warning once. Granted I still have my Oregon drivers license.

    The cop who pulled me over was actually pulling me over because I was standing ion the pegs of my Daytona. I was stretching and he thought that I was commiting some stunt on the freeway. He was cool and just told me to switch the reg over when I hit 7,500. At the time I was at 5,500 or so.

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