Doug Henry Suffers Back Injury

Discussion in 'General' started by Jaxter, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Jaxter

    Jaxter Registered Loser

    Just terrible news. Doug broke his back during SuperMoto practice...apparently broke it in the same area of the spine that was broken in his 1995 motocross accident at Budds Creek MD. Too soon to tell of the extent of his injuries apparently.

    latest here:

    For those that may not know...Doug is currently racing in the AMA SuperMoto series. He is a former 125cc and 250cc Motocross champion. He was the first person to win a Supercross main event on a four-stroke (the then experimental Yamaha YZ 400F four stroke at the 1997 Supercross finals in Las Vegas...I was there!). This feat was after coming off a year with a broken back injury. He campaigned the 4-stroke the following year and won the AMA championship!

    A great guy and one of the best ambassadors for our sport!

    More info:
  2. veefereefer

    veefereefer Well-Known Member

    San Jose
    Damn, that sucks.

    He's one of my favorites.

    Hope for the best.
  3. Andy

    Andy Wheelie for Safety

    Los Altos, CA
    That is awful news.
  4. Ohjimmy

    Ohjimmy End of Day Over Santa Barbara

    Near the beach
    I have a reoccurring dream of his crash at Buds Creek, but with me on the bike. :mecry
  5. Jaxter

    Jaxter Registered Loser

    At least it resulted in this cool...or frightening, Fox poster showing his scars from the incident...

    doug henry.jpg
  6. m0t0-ryder

    m0t0-ryder ryd

    OH DAMN!!!
    Did you see how far he launched off that jump!
    He almost landed on the flats.
    Look at the rider behind him... already almost on the ground!

    doug henry at bud creek.jpg

    Jeez Jimmy... If I had recurring dreams like that I'd be looking fro some alternative to sleep.

    As for his current problem.. thats a real bummer.
  7. mightslip

    mightslip Registered slow poke

    San Leandro
    Plain shame, hopefully he'll recovery [ quickly ]and be able to ride again..he's one tough guy, and great to watch.
  8. pyros46290

    pyros46290 Ride sober

    the harsh reality of racing. hope he gets better quick back injuries are NOT fun
  9. soupamoto

    soupamoto New Member

    Knoxville, TN
    Doug is my hero.

    I remember watching an Outdoor National when he had broken both of his arms (late '90's) and both arms were on these sticks to hold them steady. He was on the side of the track waving his casted up arms for his team mate as he went by. That was inspiring.
  10. Trumper

    Trumper Eclectic Dilettante

    That's sad news. I love watching him in the SM races....

    Interesting: I was just talking to someone up at Alice's over the weekend about the "Old Days" and how I quit riding motocross due to the big fall-away jumps like that that were getting popular. Those really spooked me; and I saw one of the experts do a career-ending crash on one of those. That vid above is indeed the same kinda nightmare I have about that stuff....
  11. Sharky

    Sharky Well-Known Member

    Walnut Creek
    Sad news, now who is going to give Ward a run for his money in SM?
  12. Wally

    Wally Well-Known Member

    Henry landed that jump too.

    I remember reading an interview with the team honda manager at the time Henry was signed.

    He was talking about watching this kid and Honda wanted to sign him so they went looking all over, trying to find him but couldn't.
    Turn out Henry made his way to the races by roaming along the circuit hanging drywall and sleeping in his car.
    The Honda manager said they found him, sleeping in his car with his bike in the trunk and said Are you Doug Henry? and when he said yes, the manager said " I'm so-and-so from American Honda. How'd you like to ride for us?
    He said there was no doubt that Henry was exactly the type of person he wanted on the team and signed him on the spot.

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