Carnegie SVRA Lawsuit FAQs

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  1. Andy

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    1) Is Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) open?
    Yes, the park is currently open to the public. Please call (925) 447-9027 or continue to check this website for current park information.

    2) Is it possible that Carnegie SVRA may be closed?
    Yes. On December 7th, Judge Frank Roesch of the Alameda Superior Court indicated his intent to sign an order which will effectively close Carnegie SVRA to public use by directing the suspension of all OHV activity.

    State Parks went to court on Friday, December 18th to request a stay to delay an immediate closure of the park. The Judge granted a stay, delaying closure of the park until the end of business on December 29, 2009.

    At this time, State Parks is consulting with the Attorney General's office regarding options for an appeal and will provide updates of any changes on this website.

    3) Why is Carnegie SVRA being sued?
    The Plaintiffs allege that Carnegie SVRA is in violation of the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act by not submitting a Report of Waste Discharge (ROWD) to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.

    State Parks argued that the OHMVR Division has been working with other resource and regulatory agencies to address water quality issues since 2001. Agencies who have been working with the park include the Regional Water Quality Control Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and California Department of Fish and Game. In 2004, the OHMVR Division, working closely with the regulatory agencies, began a comprehensive watershed assessment to proactively assess and improve water quality throughout the SVRA. There was no indication at the time that a ROWD was necessary for the park. Had the Regional Water Quality Control Board indicated there was a need for a ROWD, State Parks would have submitted one.

    4) What is a Report of Waste Discharge and why hasn’t Carnegie SVRA filed one?
    An ROWD is a report typically used by industrial corporations and manufacturers (such as sewage plants and animal rendering facilities) to report waste discharges from their operations into a water body. The Water Board then sets limits on how much waste these corporations can discharge. Carnegie SVRA management have been working with regulatory agencies for many years developing storm water management plans which meet water quality requirements under an associated permit program, not the ROWD program.

    5) If the park does close, when would it be reopened?
    The Judge has ruled the park would remain closed until such time State Parks files a ROWD and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board issues a waiver or waste discharge requirements.

    6) Is motor vehicle activity allowed in Corral Hollow Creek?
    No. Visitors may cross the creek at designated crossings only. Anyone going into the creek is subject to a citation.

    7) If Carnegie SVRA is closed, where is the closest riding area?
    Metcalf Motorcycle Park – located 45 minutes southwest in Santa Clara County
    Frank Raines OHV Park – located 45 minutes southeast in Stanislaus County
    Hollister Hills SVRA – located 1 hour south
    Prairie City SVRA – located approximately 1-½ hours north, near Folsom

    8) What can members of the public do if they want to help?
    Volunteers will be vital to the success of Carnegie SVRA as we move forward. Please continue to check our website or phone line for updated information and volunteer opportunities.

  2. Andy

    Andy Wheelie for Safety

    Los Altos, CA
    Steve (Apexmolester) talked with the head ranger at Carnegie a few days ago and the ranger indicated very favorably regarding this.

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