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  1. Amadeus

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    After seeing '199' use this vest for his run at Baja I was interested in giving it a try. I've enjoyed the capabilities of my Thor Hydrant pack for the last 5 yrs. Its held up well and has always carried what I need when venturing out solo, but at the end of the day I can really feel the strain on my shoulders. Other reviews of this vest tout its comfort level over standard hydro/tool packs as it distributes the load both lower and more evenly across the torso.

    Old pack to new pack
    Ogio Vest 002.jpg

    Here's a shot of what I pack with me. It's a minimalist approach but it seems to get me by. I carry my zipties on my fork tube (Oscar taught me that one:biggrin ), and I carry another tube in my fender pack. KTM kit has a variety of nuts/bolts/safety wire/master as well. I could easily pack 2x more gear than what I have. Each pocket was 30-50% full with some still empty.
    Ogio Vest 001.jpg

    Distributing the goods up front is nice and makes for quick accessibility

    The rest of the bulky/heavy items fit nicely across (and low) the back.
    Ogio Vest 003.jpg

    Well I gave it a first run on Friday and completed about 30mi of HH 1-track. Right out of the gates vest just felt right. The side straps allow this vest to be properly tightened to your body and you really don't even notice your wearing it. It smiled at any high speed rough terrain I threw at it and never budged a bit. I could tell that the vest was keeping my body heat in more and though it was noticeable I was still very comfortable (we'll report back after a 90F ride though:laughing ). The 2L H20 bladder was enough for the day but I'll be using my 3L badder for day rides.
    Another thing I was worried about was when Derek (dirtman), who also has an earlier version of this vest, showed me that the collar was chafing his neck and needed to 'pad' it. I didn't experience this at all! I wear this vest over my CP so that could have helped no sure, all I can say is I was VERY comfortable all day. Of course when your upper shoulder muscles are no longer carrying the load then that just means some other set of muscles has to carry the load even if its distributed. In this case it was all my 'core' muscles and lower/mid back muscles. The next day revealed which muscles but it was a 'good' sore unlike the soreness I would feel after two days of carrying a backpack around.

    Lets see what else, build is tip top, design is well thought out.....its just better IMO than a backpack style hydropack. There's also enough locations to use M.O.L.E. clips and attach more cargo pouches if necessary. All in all Im pretty stoked!
  2. Amadeus

    Amadeus Registered Abuser

    Here's a few more shots of pocket insides.

    Ogio Vest 004.jpg

    Ogio Vest 005.jpg

    Ogio Vest 006.jpg

    Ogio Vest 007.jpg

    Ogio Vest 008.jpg
  3. Andy

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    Los Altos, CA
    What an excellent write up Josh. :clapping
  4. jrbruin

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    Got any pics of you wearing it? It looks pretty bulky just sitting on the table, but from your description of the test ride it sounds like maybe it's not all that bad - just kinda wanted to see what it looks like when worn.
  5. Amadeus

    Amadeus Registered Abuser

    Thank you sir!

    I'm actually excited to try it out next week while snowboarding.

    I do have a poser pic but I'll post it up later today. BTW, it doesn't feel bulky at all.
  6. terrytinney

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    If it actually had chest protector features built in I think it would be the ultimate, but I would think it would be too bulky to wear along with a chest protector or body armor. It seams like they could just insert some plastic pieces in between the layers of fabric and that combined with all the items stuffed in it, it would provide pretty good protection.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew This Land is Your Land

    San Jose
    It's a good way to carry a lot of weight for extended riding or dual sport competitions.

    Gnarly Carl has one and speaks highly of it.

    It looks a bit 'SWAT team' and I'll bet landing hard on some of the tools will hurt like a bitch.
  8. Solomon

    Solomon Back on two wheels :]

    I've been convinced that Ogio makes some top-notch stuff after getting my no-drag backpack :)
  9. Amadeus

    Amadeus Registered Abuser

    A quick weight differential on the bathroom scale shows the vest with said tools + 2L of H2O is 13 lbs. In some of the reviews I read on TT there were several guys packing 30+lbs of gear w/o issue.
    In response to the idea of incorporating protection:

    1. Because this vest has several sets of adjustment straps it contours your torso so well over the CP that it feels like the two pieces of equipment are one. I actually felt more protected with vest on. 20 mile or 100 mile day this is the pack for me, night n' day in the comfort dept.

    2. There are other designs with protection such as the wolfpak (http://wolfpakusa.com/ap_cs.html#) but it doesn't look to hold as much and the reviews are a bit mixed (one dude's felt apart mid race and had to hand carry everything back to pits:shifty )

    Here's a front/back poser shot...(I'll replace it with a better shot when I get back out)

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