Fresno County's Closed Roads within CLear Creek and What We Need to Do

Discussion in 'Clear Creek' started by ApexMolester, May 12, 2010.

  1. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

    Here is my latest communication response to accessing the closed roads within Clear Creek that lay in Fresno County...

    I’ve discussed this with a few individuals that have some knowledge of this issue. At this time, County staff does not plan to do anything about the CCMA. I am providing the contact information for our Board of Supervisors if you would like to have someone from the San Benito County Board of Supervisors discuss this matter with them to see if our Board would like to take any action.

    Our Board Chairman is Supervisor Judy Case, whose district includes the Coalinga area. Supervisor Phil Larson is the supervisor for the northwest part of Fresno County (north of south line of Township 17 South), so this affects both supervisor districts. They both can be reached through the Clerk to the Board at 559-488-3529.

    Although I am not very familiar with this issue, you may still contact me if you have any additional questions.

    Bob Palacios, Manager

    Maintenance & Operations Division

    Department of Public Works and Planning


    We need to start sending emails, and calling the BOS requesting legal access to all of the closed roads that lay within the Fresno County boundary ASAP!
  2. momagna

    momagna BLM EPA SUCK

    Can you add the email addresses please!
  3. TangoMike

    TangoMike Air Rider

    Heh all, are we sure Fresno Co. has/did legitimately close their county roads within CCMA ? AND , of course, when, why, and where exactly?
  4. TangoMike

    TangoMike Air Rider

    Oh , almost forgot, if they did "close" any County roads what were the reasons and was it discussed at a Public Board Meeting by the Supervisors( as by law)?
  5. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

    Supervisor Judy Case
    2281 Tulare, Room #300
    Fresno, CA 93721

    Phone: (559) 488-3664
    Fax: (559) 488-6830

    Supervisor Judy Case - Chairman
    District 4

    Supervisor Henry Perea
    District 3

    Supervisor Susan Anderson
    District 2

    Supervisor Debbie Poochigian
    District 5

    Supervisor Phil Larson - Vice Chairman
    District 1

    John Navarrette, Administrative Officer
    Kevin Briggs, County Counsel
  6. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

    Fresno county does not recognize the San Benito county roads leading into their county at county roads. Fresno sees the road system as private roads, and has never maintained them for obvious reasons. They were never closed in the fist place, and should be open for travel regardless of blm claims as being closed.

    If you want to access without issue, you better start letting the Fresno BOS know what you want....just like we did with the San Benito BOS...

    Start calling and emailing nonstop!
  7. Andy

    Andy Wheelie for Safety

    Los Altos, CA
    Hi Steve,

    Are you referring to these three roads which are located in Fresno County?

  8. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

    Derrick Rd connects directly to R019 at Archer Camp and Junctions with T216/181 12 miles from Los Gatos Creek Rd.

    Mexican Lake Road that passes Mexican Lake to Wright Mountain and South Joaquin Rocks Lookout Road.

    I've accessed them by way of South Monterey Ave and Oil City Road off of Los Gatos Creek Rd.

  9. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

    Who's been sending the Fresno BOS messages..?
  10. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

  11. knobbylips

    knobbylips Well-Known Member

    Redwood City
    county roads near los gatos creek park

    dear supervisors-

    as you may be aware, the blm closed the clear creek management area in may of 2008. part of this closure lies within fresno county. as you may not be so aware, the closure is being contested by many users of the area and is based on false claims and inflated risk levels of naturally occuring minerals present there. there are many of us that wish to continue to use the clear creek area for mining, recreation, and enjoyment of the great outdoors. no other such place exists, clear creek is very special to us. the board of supervisors in san benito county have seen the evidence from both sides of the argument and have re-opened their county roads that the blm convinced them to close. i am urging you to do the same. we clear creek users want to return to clear creek and resume spending our money in both san benito and fresno counties.

    thank you for your consideration!

    tom keith
  12. CVJason

    CVJason Well-Known Member

    Carmel Valley
    Greetings Supervisors,

    As a condition of the BLM 2008 emergency closure order of the Clear Creek Management Area, several roads within Fresno county have been wrongfully closed. The BLM has based their closure on an overstated risk, due to exposure to Chrysotile. Chrysotile, as you may know, is a very common mineral found in soils all across our state. This closure is being challenged by many groups and just recently your neighboring county to the west, San Benito and their supervisors voted unanimously to reopen their county roads through the area.

    As a frequent visitor to the area, I respectfully ask the board to stand with it's neighbor and concerned citizens statewide, to challenge this wrongful closure of one our state's best hidden gems, Clear Creek.

    Jason Cordoba

    Carmel Valley, CA
  13. knucklemeat

    knucklemeat Well-Known Member

    a good friend and client of mine in coalinga is a c.c. enthusiasts and said he would start at the city council level and see what kind of response he can get. the guy is a long time business owner (trucking) and deals with the city and county all the time,so he may help us get the ball rollin' over there.
  14. CVJason

    CVJason Well-Known Member

    Carmel Valley
    I got 2 replies to my letter today.

    District 2 and District 5.....apparently the supe from D5 wants to speak with me about this issue and has asked for my telephone number.

    The D2 rep, said that he would be personally looking into the closure issue and asked me if I had info on any legal challenges to the BLM decision. I responded by saying I didn't think there had been any legal action yet....? :idunno
  15. CVJason

    CVJason Well-Known Member

    Carmel Valley
    Supervisor Poochigian called me tonight. She seemed genuinely interested in the case, however she had not previously heard of the closure. She said that since I (we) have been emailing all of the supervisors, it will be addressed at their next meeting. She didn't seem to interested in having a deep conversation about the subject, but she just wanted to assure me it would brought up in their meeting.

    I'm kinda bummed I didn't get more in, but hopefully this will get the ball rolling.
  16. fonseca

    fonseca Well-Known Member

    Thanks Steve.
  17. ApexMolester

    ApexMolester Well-Known Member

    I've been informed by another SBR member that he along with others have been working for nearly a year with people in Fresno that are aparently the civil leaders there capable of doing something...I was also told by the same person that I am screwing things up by contacting the BOS of Fresno and am now pissing them off going around them.

    Well, it only took a few months for the Hollister BOS to act in a positive manner by doing the very same thing we are doing now....I'm going to stick with what works, as Jason posted...."We had no idea of what was going on....."

    I was told a much different story, and that was that they all know what's going on....I see Jason got the same info I did.....They need to hear from all of US!
  18. MikeinFresno

    MikeinFresno Well-Known Member

    Poochigian was at the Forest service meeting on Tues in Clovis regarding the new Travel plan and taking notes. I also know a supervisor personally. I can make contact since Im here in town, but i dont want to screw anything up so I need direction.

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